The tracklist for Juliana's new album, released today via PledgeMusic (subscribers only):

  1. Sleep
  2. June 6th
  3. Spit In The Wind
  4. Parking Lots
  5. Dog On A Chain
  6. Hurt Me
  7. Tracks
  8. Push Pin
  9. Or So They Say
  10. Love Is Like The Wind
  11. Never Beg

It is titled 'Wild Animals', acoustic and very much a solo effort, similar to the sound of the Peace & Love album.

It's available to download as mp3 and...drumroll...FLAC.

Juliana says to pledgers:

I am eternally grateful and so happy and lucky to be able to keep making my music for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed assembling it in my little back room with the bird songs coming in through the windows.

Currently this is a PledgeMusic exclusive but as per the last two projects we can expect a general release within a few weeks. UPDATE - the release date is September 10. Pre-orders are being taken at