is an unofficial fan site for the US musician Juliana Hatfield.

The site’s aim is to celebrate Juliana’s music with an independent archive of news / information and contributions from her global fan community. It is intended to complement her official pages (which you can find at

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The site is administered and edited by Craig Scrogie.

The news pages are updated with major help from Carlos Lopez.

Many of the awesome live photos here are the work of David Young of Dry Eye Photography.

Other contributors (content, technical help, permission for their photos) include Carsten Pedersen, Lieve Neven, Andrew Kieschnick, Glenn Forster, Mat Horton, and Charlie Pritchard.

Thanks also to Stacee Sledge who manages Juliana’s official site for support and help with queries over the years.

That’s all you need to know, but if you’re really curious…

the history bit: began in May 2006, inspired by Juliana's shows at London's Bush Hall, her first live performances in the UK for over ten years. It started as a place for fans to share memorabilia and provide a digital home for press articles from the early years.  It has evolved since then into the general fansite / news blog it is now. 

the techy history bit:

To coincide with the release of the How To Walk Away album and Juliana's book When I Grow Up the site moved to from its static html origins to a dynamic version in September 2008. It underwent a further revamp in September 2009 with a change of host and platform to Squarespace, where it has been tinkered with ever since. It eventually became a mobile friendly responsive site in January 2015 in time for the return of The Juliana Hatfield Three.

the legal bit:

The site is a non-profit, non-sponsored* resource created by and intended for fans of Juliana Hatfield. It is not an official Juliana Hatfield site.  Its aim is to provide Juliana related news and an archive of material for a community of her fans and help promote her work. The site encourages purchase of her records from official outlets and Juliana’s record labels. Links to online stores appear to highlight the availability of recorded material where known, and not as an endorsement of the stores themselves.

Some content is considered to be public domain and in some cases republished without permission but from original promotional material and out of print / deleted sources. News articles link to their source where relevant, particularly where scaled down photographs are used from original content sites. It is not the intention to infringe on any copyright or harm the commercial, personal or artistic rights of any party.

Upon receipt of written contact by email from any author/copyright owner regarding any of the published content, this site will, at its discretion, amend or withdraw the content as appropriate at the soonest opportunity. Indeed, this site encourages contact from copyright holders, photographers etc in order that the credit can be given where relevant.

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*some older pages here have links affiliated to the site admin. These have contributed in a negligible way to the cost of running this site.