Eleventy thousand smartphone owners have attended the Minor Alps tour this month. Some of them used these devices to watch large portions of the shows through a screen with their arms held up.

So many in fact that it's been hard to keep up.

A roundup is therefore required commencing with more from the Los Angeles shows. See earlier posts here for links for the first few gigs.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted or shared these links here or elsewhere on the internet. In particular thanks to liveontomorrow reader Carlos for submitting dozens of recent links that appear here, and also to Andrew who has been keeping us all up to date with news for many years chiefly via the This Is The Sound group. If you're a member there, these links have already been posted on that group too. It is really appreciated guys.

Thanks too to the uploaders, obvs.

With one exception, these are single camera YouTube efforts.

Echoplex, Los Angeles, November 12:

Yer Head

Away Again

I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands

Waiting For You

Out There

Inside Of Love

Such A Beautiful Girl

Live On Tomorrow (as above)

Buried Plans

I Wanna Take You Home

Soda Bar, San Diego, November 14:

If I Wanted Trouble (clip on NBC San Diego)

Schubas, Chicago, November 15

'Banter'Waiting For You

Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, November 21:

The Moon Is Calling

Main Street Music In Store show, Manayunk, November 22:

I Wanna Take You Home

Candy Wrappers

Far From The Roses

World Café Live, Philadelphia, November 22: