If you missed them on This Is The Sound, here are links to various photos from the tour not previously posted here. Again, thanks principally to Carlos and Andrew for these.

Seattle, November 8:

My personal favourites were taken before the tour proper began at the Minor Alps acoustic session for KEXP. These photos are outstanding. Don't miss.

Los Angeles, November 12:


Restless Cities

Soda Bar, San Diego, November 14:

Tboneinpoway @ SlickPic

Black Cat, Washington DC, November 19:

Minor Alps at the Black Cat in Washington, DC on November 19th, 2013

arcane93 @ Flickr

betweenloveandlike @ Flickr

joebrewer @ Flickr

Bowery Ballroom, New York City, November 20:

Minor Alps

SuperGlued @ Flickr

World Café Live, Philadelphia, November 22:

Consequence Of Sound (+ review)