Another batch of There's Always Another Girl reviews:

First up Daniel Tebo, loving it big time at PopMatters:

While her fellow graduates from the class of ’93 have been content relive past glories, Hatfield has matured into a distinguished, risk-taking songwriter who continues to surprise and occasionally confound listeners.



Then Jason Keller, not so much at Now Magazine:

Many of the other 13 songs on her 11th studio album (financed by pledgemusic, with a percentage going to animal shelters) show flashes of the melodic brilliance of her early 90s output, like the sweetly sung Failure, the easy groove of Thousands Of Guitars and the bluesy boogie of Don’t Wanna Dance.



And finally, Chris Kein, most definitely not impressed at Tiny Mix Tapes:

In a time where it is possible for acts who made their careers in that early-90s cauldron of independent creativity to reform and remake themselves, it seems a cop-out to make such a risk-free album, especially since Hatfield had full creative control.



thanks to liveontomorrow reader Carlos for submitting some recent links