You can read this review by Jonathan Perry at the Boston Globe.

A couple of other reviews are also online. A gushing blog review at A Momentary Lapse, With Joel:

Juliana has written a song full of truth. 'There's Always Another Girl' will leave an impression on you and you'll want to go back and re-listen to make sure you heard every word she uttered. "Don't you love it when a beautiful woman self destructs?"

And a not quite so gushing review from Austin Trunick at Consequence Of Sound:

Nothing says open mic night more than singing lyrics such as “The batteries are dead/Totally, completely dead [...] Completely fucking dead.” It’s bad enough to recall another buried mid-’90s memory: Phoebe Buffay’s agitating coffeehouse performances on Friends.


The liveontomorrow review is now imminent. That's the one you're all waiting for of course.