Juliana has changed the title of her new album from Speeches Delivered To Animals And Plants to There's Always Another Girl.

"the new title is more succinct and makes sense, somehow, and goes really well with the artwork we are working on. also i was a bit concerned about the absolute legality of the former title as it was sort of borrowed from john irving’s “the world according to garp” (a great book)—it was (almost) the name of the book of poems that the tongueless character ellen james writes and never publishes."

She explains more in her latest PledgeMusic update.

Probably a wise decision on grounds of brevity alone. Even the original press release demoted the original title to "Speeches...", which it would inevitably have become known.

Juliana has also been pondering the track ordering so the previously announced tracklist was premature too.

There's Always Another Girl will be a familiar title to many of us, taken from what will now be the the album's title track. This song originally debuted on Myspace in April 2009 following Juliana tweeting her thoughts on Lindsay Lohan. This home demo version remains available on mp3 at Stereogum.