Reviews of Juliana's new album Peace & Love are now appearing on blogs and music sites.  Here's a selection with links to the full articles:

"Modest atmosphere, fearless honesty"

Paste Magazine


"Hatfield is at her best when she's in full-on confessional mode" 3/5

Jonathan Keefe, Slant


"Peace and Love has a real organic feel to it throughout, filled with strummy acoustic guitars and Hatfield's rich, emotive voice that add up to a collection of heartfelt, intimate songs." 7/10

Tim Hinely, Blurt


"What might seem at first to be a darkly solitary album turns out to be subtly strong and affirming." "4/5

Neil Carver, Eat Sleep Drink Music


"As Hatfield as always done, she seems content to produce music from within herself in this effort.  With the grittiness of the '90s washed away, the album reveals a soft honesty."

Michelle O'Brien, Ink

"An admirable change in pace, it sounds sparse but crystal clear, with Hatfield’s radio-friendly vocals having a very pure quality." 3/5

Terry Mulcahy, Wears The Trousers Magazine


"A girl and a guitar can be a powerful thing. If that girl is Juliana Hatfield, you know that it will be an enjoyable experience. " 3/5

Robyn Gatsby, The Fire Note