The second song to be released from the forthcoming Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John album is Physical, and it's wonderful.

There's a video, again directed by David Doobinin, which premiered today at Stereogum, and where Juliana commented:

Olivia Newton-John’s lusty “Physical” is a groovy, bouncy song, but my take on it is darker, more aggro, because I don’t think of lust as fun or funny; I think it’s dangerous and disruptive and mostly unwelcome. So that is my interpretation of “Physical”: the human condition is a bummer, and desire a frustrating impediment to serenity. My visual take on the song is not as conceptual as Olivia’s 1981 colorful workout video. Mine is more of an impressionistic exploration of my own awkward and self-conscious physicality (especially self-conscious in front of the camera/other people).

The first song, A Little More Love, was released in January.

The album is due for release on April 13, 2018 via American Laundromat Records.