New covers of Juliana's Universal Heart-beat and I See You are now available to order.

American Laundromat Records:

Chicago's The Safes are thrilled to release a 2-song, 7” tribute to Juliana Hatfield; one of their favorite artists. The Safes tracked this single with the one and only Steve Albini and, to turn this up to 11, The Safes asked their friends Ted Ansani and Mike Zelenko of legendary power pop trio Material Issue to be the rhythm section for this recording. Give it listen. These songs are as good as songs get -- The Safes saw no reason in trying to improve upon perfection and just had fun rockin' these classics.

Exclusive pressing on red vinyl. Original artwork by Nicole Anguish at Daykamp Creative. Only 500 copies exist. All 45's include a digital download card.


I'm so tickled by The Safes' joyful, lovable versions of my two songs! I think they really captured the essence of what the songs were and still are trying to say which is that there is always hope to be had

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