Freda Love Smith, writing for The Talkhouse about the Blake Babies Earwig demos:

But if we were glued together by John, we were utterly defined by the sound of Juliana’s vocals. Listening to her young talent hits me all the harder for the years. I didn’t fully recognize this back then, but now I hear the intensity of a twenty-year-old singer and songwriter who had been waiting and waiting, often despairingly, often impatiently, for the stars to align, for an opportunity to do the thing she was born to do. And here’s that moment! She has a band, a producer, a studio and a crack engineer, and after all those years of singing in her bedroom, she takes the microphone and she nails it. She throws down harmonies and they are amazing. She is the real deal.

The article also has a premiere of the Take Me demo (originally titled Take Me, Take Me) from the project.

A reminder that the demos collection is the main item in an ongoing PledgeMusic campaign.