Blake Babies have launched their PledgeMusic project today!

John, Freda & Juliana:

In early March of 1988, we entered Fort Apache Studios in Cambridge, MA to capture our live set in a studio setting. We recorded 12 demos of songs for what would become our debut full length on Mammoth, Earwig. The master tapes from those sessions have been sitting on a few basement shelves since then and pretty much were forgotten about.

In 2015, we rescued the recordings and had the tapes remixed and remastered. And to our surprise, the demos turned out sounding better than anyone remembered.

They sounded so good that we had to do something special with them for you, the fans! We’re happy to announce that the Earwig Demos will finally be heard as intended, on vinyl ONLY here on PledgeMusic. While in our archives, we found some other unique and rare items to add to the pre-order. We hope you find something you will like.

There are vinyl, FLAC and MP3 ordering options plus other PledgeMusic exclusives.

3 private reunion shows are planned in the US - 2 in Boston, MA (on the same day) and 1 in Evanston, IL. Tickets for these limited shows are available (via PledgeMusic). Other than the possiblity of up to 3 extra acoustic house concerts available for $20,000 (!) each, the band "do not have any touring plans".