Juliana, speaking to Ryan Bray at Consequence of Sound:

Just by choosing the song, that’s tribute enough. You’re honoring its existence by tributing it. Whenever I’m choosing covers, I wonder, ‘Can I bring something of myself into this? Can I add anything to this?’ And if not, then I won’t do it. You have to throw yourself into the mix.

Juliana's cover of Needle In The Hay features on Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith, due for release this week by American Laundromat Records.

This is the same recording as released in 2014 as part of a tribute to the film director Wes Anderson.

Today's article at Consequence of Sound features further comments from Juliana about writing to Smith back in the Blake Babies era, and her approach to the song's theme of addiction.

Bray also speaks to Tanya Donelly and Yuck's Max Bloom, who also feature on the album.