New album day!

Wild Stab is out now for download and streaming in most territories. There's a CD version available for order in the usual places too.

This is the debut album by The I Don't Cares - Juliana's collaboration with Paul Westerberg of the Replacements.

The Current has a brief review including this passage:

A lot of that contentedness seems to be the result of his new partnership with Juliana Hatfield, who makes up the other half of his new project the I Don’t Cares. Many of the songs on their new album, Wild Stab, could be classified as love songs, with titles like “Kissing Break,” Hands Together,” and “Love Out Loud.” And try as they might to prove to the listener that they didn’t put much thought into this project — the vibe is muddy and slapdash, and much of it sounds like it was pieced together from ramshackle of basement recordings — it’s pretty clear that Westerberg and Hatfield do care about this project, perhaps more than they’ve cared about any of their endeavors in quite some time.

More article and review links to follow when and if they appear.

There's been almost no promotion for this release, which is a little odd given Paul's cult status in indieland.

His fans on the Men Without Ties forum are approving on first listen. No surprise there, as it feels like there's more Westerberg on here than Hatfield, certainly on the vocal mix and guitar themes.

If you're hoping for a sharing of styles in the manner of the Dando / Hatfield shows or the Minor Alps project you might want to readjust your expectations!

There's still a lot to enjoy about this record.