From a cover interview by Kevin Finn in this month's edition of The Noise, which goes over the JH3 reunion and the recent US shows:

Noise: A couple of my favorites on the new record are “Invisible” and “I’m Shy.” I know there can be a danger in assuming a song’s narrator and writer is the same person, but is there a challenge in putting songs with such personal emotion out there?

Juliana: No, that’s easy. The hard part for me is to display emotion in real life. It’s easy to put it in a song. You’re safer expressing things in song because you’re not actually one-on-one. You’re not truly vulnerable when you’re singing a song. There’s that remove; there’s distance from yourself to the other person who’s receiving that information.

Also of note: at the end Juliana mentions the possibility of JH3 gigs in October for those of us in Europe.

So, there's that.

thanks to Andrew for spotting this and sharing the interview link at the This Is The Sound Yahoo Group

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