A roundup of links for the final leg of March 2015 dates on the Juliana Hatfield Three Become What You Are tour:

Leslie Kaholi has a great Flickr photoset of the Belly Up Tavern show at Solana Beach, CA on March 18.

On March 20, the band played a late night SXSW showcase at Buffalo Billiards in Austin, TX. There's a brief review by Cindy Royal (who took the above video) at On That Note. Among the crowd that night was a certain Blake Baby:

Yep there's my old roommate from the 80s rocking out SXSW.

A photo posted by @johnpstrohm on

The Atlanta, GA gig at Terminal West on March 22 is reviewed by Chris Martin at Examiner.com:

Todd Philips and Dean Fisher set the pace keeping things steady as Hatfield flexed her vocal muscles and showed off her underappreciated guitar skills. 21 years later the Juliana Hatfield Three stills packs a punch. The band’s big rock sound hasn’t aged and Sunday night they sounded like a band that had been together for years.

There's some nice photos (including support band - fellow 90s veterans Magnapop) by John McNicholas on Flickr.

The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC show on March 23 has some YouTube video including This Is The Sound. Jeff Hahne's review (with photos) for Creative Loafing, Charlotte suggests this was a small attendance and low key performance, perhaps not helped by excessive, intrusive mobile phone / flash use - the scourge of many gigs these days:

Two-thirds of the way through Juliana Hatfield Three's hour-long set at the Neighborhood Theatre on Monday night, I noticed a man standing in front of the stage holding up his cellphone, taking video of the 47-year-old singer. Nothing new nowadays, right? Without missing a beat, Hatfield turned inward toward her bandmates. A moment later, she moved back on the dimly lit stage, a few steps toward the drums. As the song ended, Hatfield moved back to her original spot and told the crowd, "I'm always in the same place on this tour and wanted a different view." To me, it looked like she didn't want a cellphone distracting her. .. but perhaps a one-minute change of scenery was needed.

A few songs into the band's brief encore, though, a woman in front of the stage was taking pictures with her phone. As the flash went off multiple times, Hatfield once again grabbed her mic stand and moved back on the stage. It wasn't long after that the show ended.

Taking a few cellphone momentos of a show is understandable. Sharing them is often great for those of us not there. There's a line that you shouldn't cross though, particularly by doing things like failing to disable camera flash; you're not considering other people's enjoyment or, most importantly, the artist you're there to support. Weird that some people don't get that. Anyway...

Update There's some non flash, non cellphone pics by Kevin McGee for Shutter 16 at Flickr.

The final March date was the Cat's Cradle show at Carrboro, NC on March 24. There's bits on YouTube uploaded by TheSublminalPandaBear including Supermodel and My Sister (below) which began with some Juliana improv during Dean's amp issues.

There's now a little break before a handful of shows back on America's East Coast in mid April, 2015. The tour dates are here.