The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles welcomed the Juliana Hatfield Three tour on Monday.

There's a couple of JH3 photos (in a set focusing on the support act Miranda Lee Richards) by BentleyBT at Flickr.

Trent at Pink Is The New Blog has a short review of what is described as the best show ever, so there's that.

Update - There's another great review at lyriquediscorde.

It seems like this was a really good one.

The set list is changing a little bit between shows. At LA it was:

  • Become What You Are (album in full)
  • What A Life
  • Everybody Loves Me But You
  • I'm Shy
  • If I Could
  • Wood
  • Fleur De Lys
  • Nirvana (final encore)

Thanks to Spike U. Topian for the set info, report of a "full enthusiastic high energy crowd", and a few videos on a YouTube playlist featuring Supermodel, Mabel, A Dame With A Rod, Addicted, and I Got No Idols.

There are various cuts on YouTube from other people if you search.

Juliana Hatfield @ the roxy

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