It's impossible for a band to announce an album any more without a deluge of pleas for vinyl. I mean, look at the responses to this tweet by Wolf Alice yesterday about iTunes pre-orders for their debut album.

So then, in response to similar demand, American Laundromat Records are now taking orders for JH3's Whatever, My Love on LP, with a choice of colours. Shipping is estimated for August 2015 and there's an as yet unspecified bonus track involved.

Update March 22 The release date is August 17, 2015 and the bonus track is Only In The Dark - previously heard as a home demo during the 2013 PledgeMusic campaign for Wild Animals.

Important to note that ALR say pressing will be limited to these pre-orders.

Update June 8 The release date has been put back to 'early November, 2015' due to the processing plant running over capacity.