The Juliana Hatfield Three commenced their US tour last night at the Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME. Kind of a big deal.

No messing about on the set list - it was straight into the entirety of Become What You Are and a bunch of great choices to end.

Photos and set list (from memory) courtesy of Lieve.

  • Supermodel
  • My Sister
  • This Is The Sound
  • For The Birds
  • Mabel
  • A Dame With A Rod
  • Addicted
  • Feelin' Massachusetts
  • Spin The Bottle
  • President Garfield
  • Little Pieces
  • I Got No Idols
  • What A Life
  • Fleur de Lys
  • Everybody Loves Me But You
  • I'm Shy
  • Ordinary Guy
  • Push Pin
  • Wood
  • Dumb Fun
  • Nirvana (Solo Encore)

Tap / Click to enlarge these pics:

update - see also David's excellent photos from this show