Juliana, talking to The Examiner

It was important to me that we didn’t just go on the road as a nostalgia act, and that’s why I wanted to have a new album. Yes, there are people who love that album from 1993. But maybe they’ll like the new album. I’m not gonna force it on them, but I think they might like it. It’s important to me to keep producing new material and I do put out records on my label, just very quietly. I try to put out something every year, and most of them I don’t promote, but I put them out there. I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing the tour of Become What You Are. I needed to have something new just to prove that I can still write songs and I have more to show than just that one album. I’ve been doing this since then, and I still have good stuff. I cannot be summed up by that one album.