Some of you will know that I've pondered pulling the site over the last couple of years. I figure that across the web, Twitter and Facebook, Juliana fans are well served these days. News posted here is often just an echo of what most of us already know and the idea of an unofficial fan site is a bit outdated.

However, people have continued to tell me that they enjoy visiting here and as there have been some great contributors who have helped archive fan memorabilia spanning Juliana's near 30 years of music it would be a shame to see it go. It's a testament to Juliana's longevity that we're all still around talking about her art in our own little parts of the internet.

To continue I've needed to upgrade this site as it was becoming difficult to maintain. For those interested this is now a modern responsive Squarespace 7 site using, for now at least, a largely unmodified template. If it's unusable on low memory devices / slow connections please let me know.

Some of the page header images are adaptations of original photographs by David Young which I've always liked.

To mark the new look, here's a random bit of audio from the archives - Juliana reading Henry David Thoreau's "Contemplation by Walden Pond" for the BBC's Mark Radcliffe show 20 odd years ago.

If any of you are going to see the live return of the Juliana Hatfield Three tomorrow, have a great time. Happy New Year.

Craig - site admin