Not sure I'm ever going to understand why anyone chooses not to live in the moment by filming an entire show, particularly with a camera in the face of a performer, but hey. You can see more videos from Friday's Shacklewell Arms show on the YouTube.

There are a couple of online reviews from the London shows:

Ben Walsh, with a lukewarm response for The Independent:

The alt-rock fortysomething duo major in mellow (perhaps too mellow) melodies and their soft (sometimes twee) sound recalls She & Him, George Harrison and Teenage Fanclub. The American pair keep their lyrics and sentiments simple and habitually sing in unison. Mostly their delicate vocals work nimbly in harmony but sometimes you'd wish one of them would wrestle control.

A more enthusiastic article on Sunday's show at The Islington by Joe Hoffman for The Upcoming:

Minor Alps, a duo consisting of Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Caws, perform music reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, and even Neil Young, with a twist of country and rock. The band had great chemistry while performing onstage at The Islington, with wonderful vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar, in front of a small, peaceful crowd. Throw in a little bit of Korg synth and you get some Bon Iver-esque influence that shows a more creative and artistic side to Minor Alps.