Exclamation mark in post title! Big news!

On the same freaking day that David Lynch announced the return of Twin Peaks, Juliana confirmed the reformation of The Juliana Hatfield Three. It was all a bit much for those of us old enough to remember the early 90s.

I am kind of excited to announce that the Juliana Hatfield Three has reformed to make a new album--our second, after "Become What You Are"

— Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) October 6, 2014

Last year Juliana mooted the possibility of playing some 'Become What You Are' shows and continued to talk about it during the recent Minor Alps European tour. That she's reforming the band (with Dean Fisher and Todd Philips) and recording new music is even better news. The new album, the second to be released under the JH3 moniker over 21 years later, will be a fan funded thing.

The project is now

live at PledgeMusic



Todd, Dean, and I have just begun recording with the lovely and talented Tom Beaujour (who worked with me and Matthew [Caws] on the Minor Alps album) at the Nuthouse in Hoboken, New Jersey, and so far it is going great. Some of you may have previously heard some version of some of the songs we are working on. For example, one of the songs we are exploring is “If I Could”. We have always loved this song but there have only ever been demos of it; it has never been properly finished or produced. There are multiple attempted versions of it but the nut has never been quite cracked, and this has always sort of haunted me. Now I feel like I finally have the chance to get it right with Todd and Dean. We are also exploring electricized band versions of a couple of the punchier acoustic home-recorded songs from my last album, “Wild Animals”. And there will be some other surprises.

Things of note in the Pledge exclusives:

VIP tour soundcheck passes (for US dates to be confirmed circa March 2015)

God's Foot demos!

Skype guitar lessons

Juliana's Cream SG

There's plenty of other stuff including artwork, clothing and instruments.

Also, Juliana's on-off 'it's complicated' relationship with Facebook appears to be back on. There's now a Juliana Hatfield Three page, together with her reactivated official page.


UPDATE November 9, 2014 - The project is now 100% funded.