There's a brief Q&A with Juliana at the San Francisco Examiner.

Also, more Get There reviews:

The pairing of these two accomplished musicians has found its place in history. It's well worth hoping that we Get There more often, 8.1/10

Richard Becker, Liquid [Hip]

Caws and Hatfield may have matured, but if Get There shows anything it’s that those youthful feelings of loneliness never completely fade. 4/5

Sarah Edmonds, The Upcoming

There’s something about the wistful melancholy of the songs—in both the lyrics and the sweetly downbeat music—that makes the whole album seem like faintly remembered dispatches of twentysomething angst. There are details throughout—or, to be accurate, maybe just a tone—that feel more appropriate for songwriters still of the age of post-collegiate confused emotions than a couple music biz veterans closer to 50 than 40. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but it does sap some of the urgency from the album, which becomes a bit more of an issue when the vocals are calibrated to Hatfield’s trademark adorable disaffectedness.3/5

Dan Seeger Spectrum Culture

There’s nothing groundbreaking or vital in the 11 songs collected here. It’s adult alternative lifestyle music that will offend no one, and it should make a pleasantly unobtrusive soundtrack for sipping frothy lattes or perusing the Pottery Barn catalog for new drapes.

Mike Kalil, Las Vegas CityLife

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