Set list from the later electric band show, yesterday at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA:

  1. Somebody Is Waiting For Me
  2. You Are The Camera
  3. Taxicab
  4. 364
  5. Shining On
  6. Closet (Pete Yorn)
  7. Backseat
  8. Just Lust
  9. Necessito
  10. My Wife (The Who)
  11. OK OK
  12. Oh
  13. Candy Wrappers
  14. Don't Wanna Dance
  15. Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman)
  16. Ready For Love (Bad Company)
  17. 1000's of Guitars
  18. Ugly (Encore - Juliana without the band)

Thanks again to spiketop for posting this list at This is the Sound