Spoiler Alert!

Although Juliana's intention is to keep the songs chosen for the covers project a secret, this doesn't really fit with the PledgeMusic 'updates from the studio' idea. Inevitably, we have been hearing snippets along the way and now some songs as works in progress.

If you really don't want to know their identity, it looks like you'll have to skim the Pledge updates avoiding the songs and the user comments, which isn't really the idea is it! Oh, and don't come to this site either. Smiley winking face emoticon thing.

Having previously uploaded a video snippet of Pete Yorn's Closet, Juliana has now posted a demo.

@peteyorn closet!

— Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) April 22, 2012

@peteyorn will do

— Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) April 22, 2012