Nicola Byrne, reviewing the Dublin show at GoldenPlec:

When it’s Juliana’s turn, she nails Candy Wrappers and Nirvana. Dando is content to just sip a pint while she sings Slow Motion, staring at her, his back to us. It’s a bit disconcerting, like he’d rather we not be there. But they work best together—he needs her. The usually sleazy, My Drug Buddy, is softened up with the introduction of Hatfield‘s vocal. It’s both sweet and dead-eyed, lax and eager. Her injection of uplifting tones to Paid to Smile almost makes the track cheery, while she’s the only one bringing some banter—if you could call it that.

There's a nice photo set by Mr Weir at Flickr.

See also other YouTube stuff - My Drug Buddy and It's About Time.