If I could afford to, I would just paint for the foreseeable future. It’s the way I saw music before. I only wanted to do that. Now I want to paint. That is probably going to sound so pretentious coming from someone who’s been a musician. It’s weird, no one even knows I’m doing this school. None of my quote unquote fans knows that I’m in school. I haven’t really told anyone.

Juliana is interviewed by Middle Mojo - a site focusing on "what happens when creative people get older and older people get creative."

Juliana goes on to indicate that the proceeds from There's Always Another Girl were intended, in part, to fund art school.

The interview also covers why she has previously found it difficult to fulfil her wish to quit performing live, and how her art is proving a different form of expression to her music:

It’s going to be interesting to see. I am starting to see some of the themes from my music in some of my paintings. It’s not really planned, it’s just sort of happening. Look at my past few album covers. It’s naked parts of my body. And I’m painting stuff like that. Body parts with no heads. Fake boobs. I’ve always had these issues with my identity, anxiety about my femininity. I never felt I really expressed it the way I wanted to with music. This is just another way to work through some of the issues I have.

The music side isn't being neglected though. If you've been following Juliana on Twitter in recent days she has, amongst other topics such as complaining about her Wikipedia image (now changed), indicated that new tunes are forthcoming:

that was too many tweets& i'm sorry& & i have to get back to work now but THANK YOU ALL for EMO & TECH SUPPORT and new album coming soon

— Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) January 8, 2012