On the eve of releasing of There’s Always Another Girl, Juliana is already talking about her next album.

In her latest PledgeMusic update she moots the idea of a collection of cover versions.

Having invited suggestions it comes as no surprise to see a plethora of tracks in the comments. Music fans will take any opportunity to list some songs. It's in our DNA.

There are some really good choices there and some super duper great fab choices too - enough to fill several albums.

Given the success of the current project, it would seem almost certain that if pursued this would be another PledgeMusic thing.

Juliana has a history of some inspired covers. In recent times these have been largely home acoustic recordings.

For those who have missed this year's covers they have included Albert Hammond's It Never Rains In Southern California and Jessie J's Price Tag (both Juliana's choices), Neil Young's Barstool Blues and New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle (both fan choices), and for band with electric guitar fans she has performed Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl with Evan Dando.