It would be an understatement to say the PledgeMusic project is going well. 

Juliana reached her main target within hours of launch, with many of the incentives selling out before some of us in Europe had emerged from our slumber.

A look through Juliana's updates suggests she is really enjoying this and genuinely overwhelmed by the response.  

To her fans this will be less of a surprise.  She has a small but remarkably loyal following. The list of pledgers is so familiar it could have been compiled by Keyser Soze.  It looks like some of us have been wanting something like this for a few years.

Juliana has just increased the allocation for some of the previously sold out incentives and added a few new ones, including custom guitar picks, a 20 question email Q&A, signed books and posters, with the promise of more artwork related options to come.  

On the basis of the last couple of days, you might need to be quick.  This is a good time to be a Juliana fan.