There's a NY Daily News review of the Neil Young Tribute show at New York's Carnegie Hall on February 10, 2011, with another group pic in the New York Times review.

UPDATE: photos from Evan & Juliana's set at Flickr here, here and here.

Elsewhere, Andy Greene in Rolling Stone said:

"Things picked up when Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando led the house band through a lightning-quick "Cinnamon Girl" that featured their near-flawless two part harmony."

Their performance was also described as "fuzz-tastic" at Spin and "seemingly underrehearsed" at The Star Ledger.

Juliana was also onstage in typical low-key form for the traditional show-closing ensemble disaster.

And, in the interest of completeness, a reviewer on the Evan Dando forum advises that Juliana sang Inside of Love with Nada Surf at an aftershow thing.