1. All My Life (Evan Dando)
  2. Butterflies (Juliana Hatfield)
  3. Bit Part (Lemonheads)
  4. Brain Damage (Blake Babies)
  5. Cells (Teenage Fanclub)
  6. Choose Drugs (Juliana Hatfield)
  7. Down About It (Lemonheads)
  8. What Is Wrong (Juliana Hatfield)
  9. Hospital (Lemonheads)
  10. It's About Time (Lemonheads)
  11. My Darling (Juliana Hatfield)
  12. Paid to Smile (Lemonheads)
  13. Rain (Blake Babies)
  14. Ride With Me (Lemonheads)
  15. It's a Shame About Ray (Lemonheads)
  16. Somebody Is Waiting For Me (Juliana)
  17. So Alone (Juliana Hatfield)
  18. The Outdoor Type (Lemonheads)
  19. $1000 Wedding (Gram Parsons)
  20. Waiting For Heaven (Blake Babies)
  21. My Drug Buddy (Lemonheads)

Last night's Juliana & Evan set list from Maxwell's as reported on setlist.fm and in a review at Planet Chocko Zine.  The order is perhaps questionable. Looks a bit too alphabetical.  Ish. update - it's legit.