Ryan Star's album 11:59 is released today. Despite Star's interviews in April which suggested there would be a collaboration with Juliana included, she sadly doesn't feature.

Star told MusicVice.com:

"She actually sang background vocals on “So Ordinary” which is another track from Songs from the Eye of an Elephant, but it won’t be making this album. It didn’t make the cut. I felt like people already have it. I wanted to get the new songs out to everybody first. As much as I selfishly want to have Juliana and my voice together out there in the world, it’s just not happening yet."

To clarify, the version of So Ordinary from Star's 2005 debut album Songs from the Eye of an Elephant does not feature Juliana either.  If you have Spotify you can listen to this original version here (link opens Spotify) and ... imagine Juliana's voice on it.