"Before I embarked on this challenging project/experiment, I was totally burned-out on songwriting, burned-out on singing about myself, and now I am completely re-energized and inspired again. In a part of my brain and a part of my heart, I was secretly hoping for this sort of a result — feeling, somehow, that it was never just an exercise in whoring myself out for money."

Juliana has reopened the $1,000 custom song project.

Explaining that she closed the original orders when they reached 11 from the original planned cap of 20, the remaining 9 songs are now up for grabs again.  This 'second wave' (as Juliana calls it) includes a further 'lottery ticket' song, this time for free.

For all the details head over to Juliana's blog.

UPDATE: August 17, 2010: The lottery is now closed.