Forumites at Juliana's messageboard (which sadly remains unavailable for new members- UPDATE Jun 2010 -the forum is now gone) have spotted a recent upload to the repository of almostcertainlycopyrightinfringement and oftenwrongaspectratiovideo, otherwise known as YouTube.  A concert from Gibson's in Tucson, AZ from 1997 is now available in its entirety either from links on the uploader's channel or via the individual links below:

I Got No Idols / Outsider
Fade Away / Dying Proof
Fleur De Lys / Spin The Bottle
What Have I Done To You
My Sister / Supermodel
My Darling
The Unheard Music / Get Off
For The Birds / Live On Tomorrow
Bottles And Flowers
Trying Not To Think About It / Addicted
Get Your Head Off My Shoulder / Dumb Fun

The Unheard Music is a cover of a song by X.

Also, from the same forum thread, Evan Dando covering My Darling from 2009:


More from this Dando show on Moshcam.