Best wishes at this festive time of year to all readers of this site.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed, sent a link or written a message.  

And, because we can, let's just remind ourselves that 16 years ago, ABC aired a Christmas episode of My So-Called Life which featured Juliana.  Those in the US can watch the whole episode officially on Hulu.  (Unofficially it's on YouTube too) 

Juliana appeared at various points in the show as an angelic homeless girl, also performing Make It Home, which she wrote specifically for the show, later saying:

"I utilized part of the melody of “Silent Night” in the verses, over some sad/pretty chords — and a piece of “O Come All Ye Faithful” in the bridge, and it worked like a charm (if I do say so myself). Just the right combination of pathos and hope. The TV people liked it a lot."

And so did we, Juliana.