A couple of tracks were added from Wednesday's set to last night's Juliana & Evan show at the Mercury Lounge:

  1. Paid to Smile (Lemonheads)
  2. Choose Drugs (Juliana Hatfield)
  3. Rain (Blake Babies)
  4. Hospital (Lemonheads)
  5. Butterflies (Juliana Hatfield)
  6. Cells (Teenage Fanclub)
  7. Down About It (Lemonheads)
  8. Waiting For Heaven (Blake Babies)
  9. All My Life (Ben Lee)
  10. When You Loved Me (Juliana Hatfield)
  11. What Is Wrong (Juliana Hatfield)
  12. Ride With Me (Lemonheads)
  13. My Darling (Juliana Hatfield)
  14. Brain Damage (Blake Babies)
  15. Bit Part (Lemonheads)
  16. Tourist (Juliana Hatfield)
  17. Too Drunk to Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
  18. The End of the War (Juliana Hatfield)
  19. $1000 Wedding (Gram Parsons)
  20. It's About Time (Lemonheads)
  21. Evan (Juliana Hatfield)
  22. Baby Gets High (Madder Rose)
  23. My Drug Buddy (Lemonheads)

Groundhog Day - thanks again to Andrew for the photo and sharing this list via This is the Sound.