5 December 2008

Record Bar

Kansas City


Set List

from an earlier Book Reading performance:

  • Law of Nature 
  • Shining On
  • My Sister

Record Bar Show:

  • 364
  • Baby Gets High
  • The Fact Remains
  • Sunshine
  • So Alone
  • Oh
  • Slow Motion
  • Necessito
  • Make It Home 
  • Jamie's Back In Town
  • Hotels
  • Shining On

Joined by drummer and lead singer (on bass) from Everyday Visuals:

  • My Baby
  • Somebody Is Waiting for Me
  • My Sister
  • Choose Drugs
  • Because We Love You

Solo electric encore:

  • On Your Mind
  • It's Only Rock & Roll(But I Like It)

Photos at Flickr by Mr.Forester and the industry slut

YouTube videos uploaded by stirfan78 - Make It Home and, from the book reading, Shining On: