You can watch the entire 'Cabinet of Wonders' from Wheeler Opera House in Aspen on January 30 at Grassroots TV.

The Juliana and Evan parts are:

5:15-6:00 introduced by Wesley Stace (John Wesley Harding)

42:10-54:50 Juliana & Evan acoustic - Ride With Me, Butterflies, Pale Blue Eyes

1:21:50-1:28:15 Juliana reads "The Harpsichord" from "When I Grow Up"

1:35:00-1:47:25 Juliana & Evan with The English UK (John Wesley Harding's band) - Choose Drugs, My Drug Buddy, $1000 Wedding.

Hat tip to Andrew for the info and timings via This is the Sound.

Nerd's note: The video is a .wmv file and the Grassroots site looks for Windows Media Player. It therefore won't work on some browsers or mobile / non-Windows devices. Mac users will need something like VLC or Flip4Mac installed, and for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard may also need to play the file outside of QuickTime X in the browser. To download the 240MB .wmv file do the right click and download / save as thing on this link: 9470-1.wmv