Only Everything (1995)


Only Everything (1995)

Only Everything (1995)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. What A Life
  2. Fleur De Lys
  3. Universal Heart-beat
  4. Dumb Fun
  5. Live On Tomorrow
  6. Dying Proof
  7. Bottles And Flowers
  8. Outsider
  9. OK OK
  10. Congratulations
  11. Hang Down From Heaven
  12. My Darling
  13. Simplicity Is Beautiful
  14. You Blues

The mid 90's masterpiece. Guitar heaven for the post- Nirvana, pre-internet generation. The effort in the studio shines through every single track. Production / Engineering from Sean Slade, Paul Q Kolderie and Juliana is sublime. The guitars are made to sound otherworldly in their intensity and Juliana’s voice is worked to perfection on all 14 songs. A Fort Apache triumph.

The opening seconds of What A Life sets the tone, with an explosion of noise and the listener is sucked in.

Fleur de Lys, sung entirely in French succeeds without pretence. Live On Tomorrow is 3 minute pop perfection and one of Juliana’s most beautiful tunes to this day. My Darling, reworked from its acoustic version as a Spin The Bottle b-side, fits in to the production of the album effortlessly.

The wall of noise created at the end of Hang Down From Heaven, the agony of Bottles and Flowers, the sheer (only) everything about Only Everything.

How this album fails to make critics lists of 1990s classic albums is as staggering as was the commercial / critical indifference to which it was released in 1995.

What an album.

'What A Life', Reading Festival, UK, 25 August 1995
It would be over 10 years before
Juliana performed in the UK again

There was a 'furry' limited edition CD

What a Life (Promo Single)

Andrew has a cool set of video stills from the 'What A Life' video at Cheap and Plastic.


In 2012, Juliana said on Twitter that she took the title "Only Everything" from part of a line in a Dinosaur Jr. song ("raisans") from "you're living all over me".


NME - March 1995

Vox Magazine - May 1995

Select Magazine

Only Everything Demos

In December 2014, as part of her PledgeMusic project for the reunion of The Juliana Hatfield Three, Juliana released 'rocket science', saying:

i was going through all the “only everything” demos that i found and this is a song nestled among a bunch of songs that ended up being re-recorded for the OE album. this one was never recorded with the band. i guess i felt it didn’t really fit among the OE mostly-rock songs. it is labeled “rocketscience” on the cassette. “why do i do what i know is bad”, indeed! why? why?


Universal Heart-Beat (1995 single)

Universal Heart-Beat (1995 single)

Universal Heart-beat (1995 Single)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. Universal Heart-beat
  2. Where Would I Be Without You
  3. Yardsailing
  4. Girl In Old Blue Volvo Disowns Self

With b-sides every bit as satisfying as the Only Everything album, this single maybe the finest Juliana EP of them all.