The White Broken Line (2006)


The White Broken Line (2006)

The White Broken Line - Live Recordings (2006)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. Hotels
  2. Get In Line
  3. Oh
  4. Necessito
  5. Somebody Is Waiting For Me
  6. Rats In The Attic
  7. Choose Drugs
  8. Ten-Foot Pole
  9. My Sister
  10. Down On Me
  11. My Protégée
  12. Slow Motion

(also a ‘hidden’ acoustic track Because We Love You)

The long awaited official live album released on Juliana’s own Ye Olde Records label.

A set of recordings by Tom Dube collected from various live shows between 2002-2005. Full band performances,largely concentrating on the 21st century releases but with the My Sister included perhaps for the casual fan.

A ‘hidden’ track finally surfaces on a Juliana cd (a common oddity on CDs of the period) - a beautiful acoustic version of Because We Love You and is included at the end of the last track. Thankfully, the song plays soon after the end of the album proper without the common wait of several minutes of silence.

Juliana Hatfield no doubt has a reason for the somewhat limited tracklisting (by modern standards this is a bit short for a live cd) and the choice and order of songs is rather haphazard with some sloppily edited fade outs.

But nevertheless with the plethora of unofficial bootlegs circulating for many years, it’s a treat to have a professionally recorded document of the Juliana Hatfield live experience. The recording sounds raw and responds well to being played at high volume.

Some beautiful versions of the Beautiful Creature songs and the established standard My Sister sounds reinvigorated.

"the white broken line" (live album) is the highway--i think i thought of it when i was writing my book or driving but i might've stolen it

/— Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) November 13, 2012

The album was originally a limited edition cd in November 2006, with a reissue in 2007. In May 2009 it was finally available as a digital download from these and other stores:

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Crushing Love (2006)

Crushing Love (2006)

Crushing Love (2006)

Some Girls

  1. Is This What I've Been Waiting For?
  2. Poor Man's You
  3. Partner in Crime
  4. Hooray For L.A.
  5. Social Control
  6. On My Own Again
  7. Stars In My Dreams
  8. Rock Or Pop?
  9. Live Alone
  10. Just Like That
  11. He's On Drugs Again
  12. Never Really Mine
  13. Kill the Bottle
  14. Magnetic Fields

(released with bonus DVD 11 July 2006 on Koch Records. The DVD is approximately 15 minutes long featuring live snippets from the Feel It shows including Robot City, Partner In Crime, He’s On Drugs Again, When I Let My Guard Down, The Prettiest Girl, Necessito, Native Tongue.)

Taking up Koch Records’ option for a second album, the ‘side project’ returns with 14 more alt-pop tunes. More vocal and songwriting contributions from Freda Love and Heidi Gluck than on Feel It and better for it.

Heidi’s two contributions are wondrous melodies – Live Alone and On My Own - which on first listen, belie the bleak lyrics. Freda’s best songwriting moments are the opener Is This What I’ve Been Waiting For? and the sublime melody of Partner In Crime (both co-written with Freda’s husband Jake Smith).

Just Like That is notable as it sees Juliana performing a song written about her (by former beau Joe Keefe) as she did way back in 1993 on the Lemonheads’ Its About Time.

The cover of the brilliant He’s On Drugs Again gets the studio treatment having been a live favourite on the Feel It tour and is a welcome addition to the record.

The album is well produced musically with enough pop hooks to satisfy although some of the lyrics have a demo ‘quality’ – possibly an unfinished collection of random thoughts, particularly Juliana’s. The wish to discipline a man for spilling beer on her cleavage?! in the curious Social Control and Hooray for LA’s ‘celebration’ of stereotypical descriptions of Los Angeles suggesting Juliana’s drifting thoughts put to paper. They also appear to be the motivation behind Rock Or Pop, complete with it’s tinkly piano:

think of the difference
are you writing for an audience?
or are you writing for yourself?
you're very willing to go straight to hell
ooh rock or pop?
ooh rock or pop?
ooh rock or pop?
Ooh pop or rock?

Released with no supporting tour and possibly rushed, Crushing Love is a delightful record and perhaps a more immediate pleasure than its excellent predecessor.

Q Magazine

Promo CD

The promo CD suggests that 'Crushing Love' was a late change of title.