Bed (1998)


Bed (1998)

Bed (1998)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. Down On Me
  2. I Want To Want You
  3. Swan Song
  4. Sneaking Around
  5. Backseat
  6. Live It Up
  7. You Are The Camera
  8. Running Out
  9. Bad Day
  10. Let's Blow It All

Japanese version only:

11-16 Please Do Not Disturb album
17 Anemia
18 Mean And Evil

First full album proper after the God’s Foot wrangle, recorded within days and like 1997’s Please Do Not Disturb an emotionally raw release.

Where Please Do Not Disturb concentrated on the personal introspection issues surrounding depression, Bed’s themes expand to outward bursts of anger and frustration.


Bed 10th anniversary blog by Jeremy Richey - April 2008

excerpts from 'a bit on bed' - June 2012 (link only available to pledgers on Juliana's 2012 covers album):

it was definitely my “i hate the music business” album, for sure. most people don’t get that about it. they think it’s all about some guy or guys (well i admit that ‘i want to want you’ and ‘sneaking around’ were about specific guys) and not a series of metaphors for hating the record company and the industry (and the public) who dropped me/failed me/bailed on me.

On Swan Song:

that’s the classic “you can’t fire me because i quit” scenario. i tell everyone that i begged atlantic records to let me out of my contract, to set me free, and i did--i did have that meeting with one of the big cheeses. but in the end what it amounts to is that they dropped me--they agreed to let me go --which means that they dropped me. i had read a book compiling real actual suicide notes and one of them said, simply, concisely: dear bill, i hate you. love, jane. (those weren’t the names--i can’t remember the names , but you get the point) . i thought that to use the names of jack and diane form the john cougar song would be funny--like, this is what happened to those two young lovers--they grew up and it all went to shit.

On Bad Day:

i see myself as a saboteur of relationships. also my brother and i had been held up at gunpoint behind fort apache studios one afternoon and that made itself into the song. (the gun part). it was the first and only time i’d been mugged. there were about five kids--teenagers--and they pointed the gun at my brother’s head. we calmly gave them our wallets and then they ran away. i felt so grateful to them for having not shot us (or my dog, who was with me and off-leash and running around). somehow this became part of a larger bad day idea and also i guess i drew a line from the the muggers back to a bad boyfriend, maybe, and in doing so was able to empathize w/the bad boyfriend by understanding that we are all damaged somehow by something--by things in our pasts/childhoods/past lives---so we are not to blame for all of our damaging relationship behaviors.

Bad Day (Promo Single)

Bed 20th Anniversary Show - May 2018

On May 7, 2018, Juliana played a show at The Burren in Somerville, MA to mark the 20th anniversary of the album.

She performed the entire LP.

Here's a promotional flyer she designed for the show:

Photos from the show are here:


Please Do Not Disturb (1997)

Please Do Not Disturb (1997)

Please Do Not Disturb (1997)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. Sellout
  2. Trying Not To Think About It
  3. As If Your Life Depended On It
  4. Give Me Some Of That
  5. Get Off
  6. The Edge Of Nowhere

With God’s Foot still being the subject of debate between artist and label, Juliana released this mini album away from the ties of a major label.

Of Sellout Juliana said at the time “This is not a true story”. In the sleevenotes to 2002’s Gold Star’s compilation she maintained that the song was “not autobiographical”. Tongue firmly in cheek in print and on record. Given it’s historical context and its status as lead track, the irony of “it’s not a sellout if nobody buys it, I can’t be blamed if nobody likes it”, would not be lost on Atlantic Records or the fans.

If Only Everything marked a new consistency in Juliana’s solo work, Please Do Not Disturb was a declaration of independence and artistic maturity.

Songs of obsession, alienation, depression and loss. A dark, yet comfoting record.


God's Foot (1996-1997)

God's Foot (1996-1997)

God's Foot (Unreleased) (1996/1997)

Juliana Hatfield

This is fan-made artwork. No official artwork exists.

This is fan-made artwork. No official artwork exists.

  • Fade Away
  • Mountains Of Love
  • What Have I Done To You?
  • You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Melody
  • How Would You Know?
  • Don’t Need A Reason
  • Charity
  • Eye To Eye
  • Perfection
  • Losing Your Looks
  • Takin’ It Easy
  • Can’t Kill Myself
  • Jake's
  • I Didn’t Know
  • Number One

The tracklisting here is speculative. Some of these songs may not have made the final album and some may have been used as b-sides. For example, Juliana has said that Losing Your Looks would have been rejected.

Fade Away and Mountains of Love were released on the 2002 Gold Stars compilation album.

I Didn’t Know and Number One were released in mp3 form on Juliana’s official website as part of the Honor Download ‘experiment’ in 2005. Can’t Kill Myself followed in 2007. Although originally recorded during the God’s Foot sessions it would seem that they are not owned by Atlantic Records / Disney.

All other recordings remain unreleased.

Music’s history is littered with albums prepared for release but for whatever reason (suitability / commercial / quality, but almost always a dispute between artist and label) they are withheld, sometimes indefinitely. So is the case with God’s Foot.

The original recordings remain the property of the record label – Mammoth / Atlantic as was, which is now owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Only two songs from what was to have been the follow up to Only Everything have ever seen an official cd release (Fade Away & Mountains of Love, which appear on the 2002 Gold Stars compilation).

Inevitably the advent of internetland has seen mp3s of unmastered mixes varying in quality being shared around over the years, much to Juliana's chagrin, with fans (and perhaps Juliana too) longingly, but seemingly forlornly, hoping for an official release.

"seeing my songs presented as "God's Foot" in a random order, including songs which I did not intend, for people to hear made me feel kind of powerless and scared"

(excerpt from Juliana's blog on "Remember November" - March 2009)

"I was obsessed with “You’re Living All Over Me,” Dinosaur Jr.’s second album, and with this song I can hear a bit of that influence. Even in the drums. Especially in the drums. I can’t remember if I told Todd (Philips, my drummer) to “play like Murph” or if Todd came up with that idea on his own. Todd would remember. Todd has a prodigious memory. I played all the other instruments."

(excerpt from Juliana's blog on "Perfection" - January 2009)

God's Foot - The Story

The story of God’s Foot is featured in a 32 page chapter in Dan LeRoy’s fascinating book – The Greatest Music Never Sold, published in 2007 by Backbeat Books.

LeRoy’s clear passion for music and the spirit of artistic endeavours is clear throughout the book. It’s a must read for Juliana’s fans for the God’s Foot chapter alone.

Meticulously researched, including quotes from LeRoy’s interviews with Juliana herself, Todd Phillips (her then drummer) and Gary Smith (long term manager) in 2006/2007, the chapter offers the most detailed insight yet into the whole sorry tale. An absorbing if ultimately heart-breaking read of commerce interfering in artistic integrity.

Its a delight to read Juliana speaking with enthusiasm for the songs, particularly for Perfection – a scandalously missing gem from indie pop’s history , and as LeRoy chronicles a song which ironically owes its genesis to the unpleasant dispute between artist and label. But God’s Foot as an album didn’t need a radio friendly pop ‘hit’ as LeRoy demonstrates.

There are signs that despite the personal demons she still confronts when revisiting this album, there is a desire for the record to reach the wider audience it has always deserved.

One day this story may yet have a Disney fairytale ending.

God's Foot - The Demos

On December 5, 2014, as part of her PledgeMusic campaign in support of the Juliana Hatfield Three reunion, Juliana released 'God's Foot Demos' to pledgers.

The tracklist as originally labelled (see 7):

  1. How Would You Know
  2. Mountains Of Love
  3. Fade Away
  4. Eye To Eye
  5. Get Over Me
  6. Don't Need A Reason
  7. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  8. Chance Is Waiting
  9. I Didn't Know
  10. Simple Man / Take Me To Your Master
  11. Charity

In preparation, Juliana said:

the recordings were taken from an old cassette--the only version of these recordings that i have. so the sound quality is going to be possibly very slightly unlike status quo to ears that are used to, like taylor swift..or digital high resolution everything..the songs were recorded onto 2-inch reel-to-reel tape and then most likely transferred to half-inch tape and then transferred onto a cassette for my listening pleasure and then that cassette ended up in the basement sitting in a paper bag full of cassettes and then years later (circa now) the cassette was transferred onto a CD. and then this will be converted to mP3’ is by no means a sonic sounds great and fine to me. but i am a caveman. and i know there are some serious audiophiles out there and they might notice something sounds a little off..but i don’t, really. and the demo versions of the songs are really cool… and some are quite different than what ended up on the album that never came out.

there are 11 songs..there were some different songs that ended up being considered for the album but either we did not demo every single song, or there are some that just cannot be found. although i never finalized an official version and sequence of the album, some of you have heard versions of what people who made the songs available (not me) were calling “god’s foot”. but, again, i never sanctioned the song choices. since i knew the album was not ever scheduled for release, i never needed to finalize the song choices or mixes or the sequence. i am telling you this so that no one is disappointed that a few songs you might’ve been expecting to be part of the GF demos will not be there. for example, “perfection” is not included in the demos. i don’t remember doing a demo for that one. maybe it exists somewhere, but i can’t find it. so that one is not in the list of GF demos…

A New Recording?

In February 2018, Juliana tweeted:

As the God's Foot saga enters a third decade, Juliana and her fans are still trying to scratch that itch. It won't fade away.