Gold Stars 1992-2002 (2002)


Gold Stars 1992-2002 (2002)

Gold Stars 1992-2002  (2002)

Juliana Hatfield

  1. Everybody Loves Me But You
  2. My Sister
  3. Spin The Bottle
  4. Universal Heart-beat
  5. Fleur De Lys
  6. Mountains Of Love †
  7. Fade Away †
  8. Sellout
  9. Live It Up
  10. Sneaking Around
  11. Somebody Is Waiting For Me
  12. Cry in the Dark
  13. Houseboy
  14. My Protégée
  15. Every Breath You Take
  16. Only Love Can Break Your Heart †
  17. Don't Walk Away †
  18. Your Eyes †
  19. We Will Rise Again †
  20. Table For One †

†previously unreleased

A solo career retrospective, rather than a greatest hits. A chronological run through from Hey Babe to Total System Failure including two previously unreleased tracks (Mountains of Love and Fade Away) from the ‘lost’ album God’s Foot.

A satisfactory selection of songs from the different periods and if the God’s Foot selections weren’t enough to enitce die hard fans, the album adds another 4 brand new Juliana compositions and a cover of Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart. (The other cover, Every Breath You Take, is an utter treat, a guitar layered reworking of The Police standard).

Of the new songs, Your Eyes is a highlight, rewarded through repeat plays.

“your eyes made it seem like everything would be ok / like your eyes would never close”.

We Will Rise Again adds to Juliana’s canon of optimistic, uplifting tracks. It wasn't originally intended for release but included on this compilation in light of the post 9/11 mood.

The closer, Table For One, is quite naturally a return to Juliana, the outsider.

Fans will argue over the omissions on here which prevent it being a true ‘best of’. The failure to include I Got No Idols, Live On Tomorrow and Make It Home is a minor crime, but as a ‘collection’ this is a success.

The sleevenotes contain this:

“Just remember:

Cultivate and trust your own genius. You are it. Everyone else’s genius is just as precious. Act accordingly. If what you are taught makes no sense, you are beginning to learn. Be suspicious of whatever society says you must do. The social order is necessary, but often not in your best interests. Follow your nose wherever it may lead. Use your eyes, ears, mind and heart well. They are all you have."

  • Philip Mitchell Hatfield 1939-2001

Epilogue (2002)

Epilogue (2002)

Epilogue (2002)

Blake Babies

  1. Walk A Thin Line
  2. Shakin’ Street
  3. I Wanna Be Sedated
  4. My Motor
  5. Nothing Ever Happens (remix)

A limited edition cd available at shows towards the end of the ‘reunion’ tour.

3 covers, 1 remix and 1 all new exclusive Hatfield / Strohm composition in My Motor - complete with less than oblique carnal imagery. Filth.

As part of Juliana's PledgeMusic project in April 2011 she offered a few remaining copies of this EP for the not so small price of $200 each. It's rare.

As of December 2012 however, a digital download and streaming version was made available ) on iTunes and elsewhere.


This was the first release (YOR001) on what would become Juliana’s own label - Ye Olde Records.


God Bless The Blake Babies (2001)

God Bless The Blake Babies (2001)

God Bless The Blake Babies (2001)

Blake Babies

  1. Disappear
  2. Nothing Ever Happens
  3. Baby Gets High
  4. Waiting for Heaven
  5. Until I Almost Died
  6. Picture Perfect
  7. When I See His Face
  8. What Did I Do?
  9. Brain Damage
  10. Civil War
  11. Invisible World
  12. On
  13. Walk A Thin Line (Japanese Version only)
  14. I Wanna Be Sedated (Japanese Version only)

An unexpected but altogether welcome reunion of the Blake Babies at the turn of the millennium for an album and US tour. As to be expected after a decade, the sound is more polished (more “experience” than “innocence”). Opening track Disappear marks a gloriou return of the Hatfield / Strohm songwriting partnership. Impeccable indie guitar pop and, naturally for the Babies, a dark side to the lyrics. Waiting For Heaven sees Juliana return to the dreamlike worlds explored on the Beautiful Creature album. And no reunion would be complete without Evan Dando who performs on half the album and even contributes his own song in Brain Damage.

An absolute delight.

Q Magazine, 2001 :(