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    Wild Animals (2013)
    Juliana Hatfield

    1. Sleep
    2. June 6th
    3. Spit In The Wind
    4. Parking Lots
    5. Dog On A Chain
    6. Hurt Me
    7. Tracks
    8. Push Pin
    9. Or So They Say
    10. Love Is Like The Wind
    11. Never Beg

    The third of Juliana's fan funded albums using PledgeMusic.

    Unlike the previous two, Juliana didn't provide regular studio updates or song snippets and the songs were therefore unknown to many of us before the release.

    At launch of the project she proposed the album's tone:

    I am going to make a mostly (but not totally) acoustic album but I am not going to overthink or overproduce any performances. It will have the loose energy of, say, my album “Bed”, without all the distortion (but maybe with some) and with more prettiness.

    If you're familiar with Juliana's home demos of recent years and her other acoustic album - 2010's Peace & Love, this record is similar in production style.


    These were suggested by Juliana during the Pledge campaign prior to deciding on the Wild Animals name:

    metaphors for loneliness
    born lonely
    find me gone
    burning on fire
    ill at ease
    high heels in the sand
    emotional moments


    2 August 2013: PledgeMusic release date

    10 September 2013: CD release via

    12 September 2013: General Retail / Digital inc iTunes


    With simple production and instrumentation, the latest, fan-supported release from Massachusetts alt-rocker Juliana Hatfield, Wild Animals, is an 11-track record of songs that fully allow Hatfield’s lovely voice and characteristic vulnerability to really shine. 4/5

    Andrew W. Griffin, Red Dirt Report

    Wild Animals is a simply arranged album, with little more than Hatfield's vocals and a guitar on most tracks. The production is rudimentary, which I've always felt is the best way to present Hatfield's music. It's rawness lends an authenticity and honesty that it would take millions of dollars and many months to construct in a high-tech studio environment.

    Snob's Music

    Further info / links to follow. Or maybe not - as was the case with 2012's covers album it doesn't look as though Juliana has sent any review copies out or employed any kind of publicist for this album.